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Meet Izabela

- I've always thought data is king. It's so cool to work in a data-driven company where facts overrule any discussion.

Izabela Prokop, Operations Manager

Izabela Prokop, Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, I work in the cross field between IT and Finance, and I am in charge of finance-related tasks such as management reporting, cash flow management, controlling and risk management.

My primary tasks are cash flow management and our internal consolidated financial reports. Apart from that I do a lot of controlling, i.e., calculations of collaterals towards our counterparties, reconciliation, preparation of BI reports, tax statements and VAT statements. Fortunately, I have a student worker who helps me getting the job done. It is a great help.

What I enjoy the most about Yggdrasil is that I get to be part of an ambitious company, and I take part in deciding how we organize our workflows and optimizing the business.

It is a strategic decision to work with the latest technologies. We use IT systems whenever possible, and it is fundamental for our approach to energy trading. It is great to keep my skills up to date and the tools make my workday a lot easier.


A typical day at the office

I start my day by checking if yesterday’s trades can be settled, and today’s collateral to counterparties is set to make sure that my colleagues are able to carry out the trades in our markets.

Depending on where we are in the month, I either prepare internal consolidated accounts or develop BI reports or work on developing other back-office tools. Maybe I attend a meeting with one of our counterparts.

If my student assistant is in the office, I make sure he has tasks to work on, and I help him when needed.


All the crazy ideas

Yggdrasil has an innovative environment with a very flexible work environment, and you are able to do your job when, where and how you prefer. It means a lot to me that I can work flexible hours.

I am in particular thrilled about the fact that everyone gets to test their ideas, no matter your role. Any idea is welcome, and even very crazy ideas are highly appreciated.

Because of the size of the company, you also get to be part of even the important decisions, and there is room for different opinions. To me, it is very motivating.

Data is king

It is a privilege to work with such talented people each of them being experts in their own field and to be able to learn from them. I’ve always thought “data is king”, and it’s so cool to work in a company where facts overrule any discussion.

We are all a social bunch of people, and it is a nice crowd to work with. I go running with a couple of colleagues once a week. It is a great way to get to know your colleagues.


Iza’s advice to a new colleague

Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone because this is where we really develop and change for the better. I am Polish and came to Denmark as an Erasmus student and started my career here.

Whenever you start something new in your life initially, it can be really hard and overwhelming. But if you stand by your decision and believe in yourself and put in some hard work it is very satisfying to prove to yourself that you can manage.


Fun fact about Iza

I have played basketball all my life, and I am 160 cm tall.

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