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Yggdrasil is a power trading company deeply rooted in an entrepreneurial attitude.


About us

At Yggdrasil, we believe in a purely data-driven approach to power trading with IT at the core of everything we do.

Every day, the Yggdrasil team of power market experts and software developers put both their minds and expertise into understanding market behavior and code market trends into the trading strategies. This is how we predict the future power prices.

We are a Danish power trading company, and we buy and sell power on regulated exchanges across the world. The ownership is shared between our founders, our employees, and our external investors.

We cherish our five values.
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Our short history

Yggdrasil was founded in the summer of 2018 by Søren Agersbæk Jensen and Søren Bondo Andersen. They started out with a strong belief that trading based on historical data and algorithms combined with a strong IT foundation is the business model for a successful power trading company.

Our founders saw a great potential in the U.S. power market, and this is where the Yggdrasil adventure started.

Today, we have proven that our business model works.

Since we traded our first MWh in the U.S., we have added nearly 30 new markets to our portfolio. We are trading power on three continents including Europe and Asia.

In 2021, a 15% share was sold to external investors. During the process, we boosted our ambitions with a more professional setup, and a board of directors was appointed.

In the beginning of 2022, we expanded our trading activities to financial trading and entered the power derivatives market in Japan.

In December 2022, we opened our first international office, located in Tokyo. The establishment of a physical presence in Asia is a natural development following the expansion to the Japanese power market.

A milestone was reached in 2023 as Yggdrasil managed its first assets. Asset management is another stride in our ongoing efforts to diversify market risk, while our power trading platform continues to create valuable synergies for asset owners.

- Expanding our footprint to new markets is key to our company. Yggdrasil’s DNA is designed to thrive quickly in a new area and to keep expanding without limits to growth.

Lars Weber, Partner


Our financial reports show a continuous growth since we started in 2018.

Our risk allocation strategy is based on diversification divided into four focus areas.

  • Firstly, we spread our positions in different markets to avoid that a single market is becoming too dominant in our portfolio.
  • Secondly, we keep adding new markets located far apart. Power prices are determined by the weather, and by spreading our markets on different continents, we make sure our markets are not affected by the same weather systems.
  • Thirdly, when entering a new market, we start finetuning our trading strategies and only trade small amounts of MWh.
  • Fourthly, once we start seeing that our trading strategies work in a new market, we turn up the volume in the market not only in the new market but in all markets to rebalance the risk profile of the Yggdrasil Group.

Please download our financial reports in PDF version below to see how we performed.

286m DKK
353m DKK

- Our main priority is spreading our risk and avoiding that a single market is becoming too dominant. For each new market added to our portfolio, we are able to reduce risk and increase our earnings.

Søren Agersbæk Jensen, CEO at Yggdrasil