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Join our company where we get the right people to make the right decisions.

How we work

Being part of our team

When working with us, you can expect a steep learning curve and a lot of responsibility.

You will be working with a team of skilled and experienced people, and we are happy to share our knowledge with each other. Solving our work challenges is considered a team effort, and you will be part of the whole process.

We discuss, find solutions, and practice learning by doing. When you get an idea, you get to implement it, finetune and do a follow-up. We celebrate creative freedom, and we are thrilled when you question status quo.

You can expect to take both action and make decisions. We would like you to contribute with your thoughts and ideas because we value both each other’s opinions and our differences. We are inspired when new ideas are put on the table, and we respect and support both our different expertise and each other as human beings.

We consider ourselves being a tech company as well as a trading company.


- We have tasks to do, not hours to fill, and it is expected that you choose your family and private life over work. One size does not fit all; our preferences are different. It is not all data and trading strategies. Going to work should be fun.

Morten Flyger, Partner and Software Architect

A global atmosphere

Our business model is purely data-driven, and we work towards fully automized power trading. Making it all work every day requires solving many different tasks, and our team is a great mix of different talents, backgrounds and mindsets.

Trading globally is reflected in our team, and our work environment is truly international. When working at Yggdrasil, you will work with people from all over the world.

Despite our focus on graphs, data, and code, it is all of us, the Yggdrasils, that glue it all together.

We look forward to welcoming you in our team.


Job openings

- After two days in the job, I was already trading singlehandedly. I am really thrilled about the amount of responsibility I am given. Of course, I worked closely with my experienced colleagues.

Jacob Ulf Olsen, Power Market Specialist

How we recruit

At Yggdrasil, we aim to find the ideal match. For you and for us

We screen applications on an ongoing basis and aim to get back to potential colleagues within a short space of time.

Our recruitment process ensures that all applicants undergo a professional and efficient recruiting involving both the hiring manager and HR.

This is how it works:

  • You upload your CV, application etc. in our online recruiting system.

  • Following a positive assessment, you will be invited for an interview where we will introduce you to Yggdrasil and the job and we will learn more about your professional competences.

  • If we agree that we still are a match, you will be invited for a second interview. Prior to the second interview, you will be asked to fill out a personality test. In some cases, you will be asked to solve a case. We will make sure you are informed of this in advance.

  • After the second interview we will carefully assess your skills and experience to see if they are a match for the job. You will hear from us within a few days after the interview.

We continuously work on maintaining a culture where autonomy, diversity and equality thrive. That is what creates the best and most innovative solutions and offers the most motivating work environment.

For further information about career opportunities and specific job openings, please get in touch with the contact person listed in the specific job advertisement or contact our HR Partner Ann Sloth Hansen.

Get in touch

Ann Sloth Hansen

For any questions about working with us, our culture, and any career opportunities, get in touch with our People & Culture - Business Partner Ann Sloth Hansen.
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Ann Sloth Hansen

Meet the Yggdrasils

At Yggdrasil, solving our daily tasks is considered a team effort, and we all contribute with our competences covering different job roles and career opportunities from software development and analysis to finance and HR.

Meet some of your future colleagues and learn about their role at Yggdrasils and why they have chosen to work here.

Søren Bondo Andersen, COO

– We learn from our experience. We discuss and evaluate any unexpected market behavior in the team, and we utilize our knowledge for developing new trading strategies.


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