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Meet Søren

- We learn from our experience. We discuss and evaluate any unexpected market behavior in the team, and we utilize our knowledge for developing new trading strategies.

Søren Bondo Andersen, COO

Søren Bondo Andersen, COO

I am responsible for our analytics team and together with my team our primary task is to find patterns in data and work out and manage our trading strategies.

Our approach to power trading using an algorithmic approach revolves around enormous amounts of data and there are infinite data out there to choose from.

When I or one of my team members get an idea for a market behavior, I select, process, and visualize the data I want to test for possible new strategies. Then I test the trading strategy to see if my assumptions are right. If the tests turn out positive, then it is time to implement the strategies in the market for live trading. Once in use, I monitor to make sure they keep performing, and I or one of my colleagues finetune when needed.


A typical day in the office

I start my day by checking up on all current positions. Does everything look as expected or has something unusual happened on our markets during the night. Basically, I make sure our ‘trading machine’ is running as expected.

Next, I follow up on yesterday’s trades. Of course, it is interesting to see if we have gained or lost money, but we also learn from our experience. We discuss and evaluate any unexpected market behavior in the team, and we utilize our knowledge for developing new trading strategies.

We anticipate some of the market behavior, or we say that we catch the events, and some of the events we do not catch. I try to understand why things developed the way they did and analyse what we should to be able to predict next time the same events occur. That knowledge is also utilized for new strategies.


Instant feedback with gains or losses

I really enjoy the short way from idea to execution. Overseeing the entire process from initial data search to the actual market execution, it is easy for me to see if my strategies and ideas work in action and generate money. That is so motivating to me to get the feedback from my work instantly.

The more the merrier

My primary focus is on developing new markets. I try to understand the mechanisms and behavior in the new market and compare it to existing markets in our portfolio. The point is that many of the trading strategies we use in one market are adaptable in other markets.

Knowledge and characteristics from a new market can often be used to improve strategies in our existing markets and vice versa.


It is the results that matter

I consider myself very lucky as my work also happens to be my great interest. I have great fun with all the data, and I am thrilled when our trading strategies make the results we are aiming for.

I cherish creative freedom, and to me it is important to have room for experimenting. Questioning traditional ways of doing things is highly appreciated in the whole team.

You get to decide how you prefer to solve your tasks, and we have great discussions where new ideas evolve and grow.


Søren’s best advice to a new colleague

My best advice to a new colleague is to dare to be different. Sometimes it is the most unlikely thought or approach that completes the equation. Do not be afraid of putting your crazy ideas on the table. Explore the gift of a curly brain.

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