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Meet Jacob

- If we see the need for something we simply just start making it. We all benefit from informal team work and hierarchy is non-existing.

Whenever I need to pick a colleague's brains about something I simply just go over and ask. I really enjoy that way of working.

Jacob Falborg Nordström, Power Market Specialist

Jacob Falborg Nordström, Power Market Specialist

My main priority is to execute our trading strategies by verifying the suggested output from the algorithms, and I help improve existing and develop new trading strategies. My team consists of both Power Market Specialists and Analysts, and we all work closely together.

When I spot something relevant in the markets, I pass on the information to the analysists. For instance, if I see a new variable I assess could be relevant, we back-test the variable with a lookback period to analyse if the information could be relevant to include in our trading strategies.

Optimising our tools is another task we divide between us in the team with assistance from IT. We use tools for almost everything. For instance, we have tools for estimating the power prices and for executing the trades. We want our tools to run secure and smooth.

Things move fast, and we have an environment where you can easily spot the changes from month to month. If we see the need for a new tool for example we simply just start making it. We all benefit from informal team work and hierarchy is non-existing. If you need to pick your colleague’s brains about something you simply just ask them, no matter their role. I really enjoy that way of working.

The informal talk across the desks gives you a lot of valuable input, and you learn new stuff. I work with some really skillful people and learning from them is a great way to broaden your own horizon. The size of the organisation is a huge plus as it is possible to be up to speed with what is going on.

A typical day in the office

Working as a Power Market Specialist we have two kinds of ‘typical day’.

Shift day

I am part of the shift rotation covering the trading desk 2-3 shifts per week focusing on intraday and day-ahead. I do not trade in a traditional way. Covering a shift, you are the eyes in the market right before execution, so to speak. We doublecheck the suggestions from our trading strategies before executing the trade.

I start my day by checking our positions for the day and maybe I need to follow-up on a couple of trades from the night before. Further, I get an overview of the fundamental factors in the power markets for the day.

During the day, we execute our day-ahead trades suggested by our trading strategies based on wind and solar forecasts etc., and I keep a close eye on the graphs and weather charts on the monitors in front of me.

We also trade cross-border i.e. we transfer power from one country to another. If we estimate that the power price in Denmark is higher than in Germany, we buy power from Germany and sell it to Denmark.

One of my main priorities is to keep an eye on potential risk factors caused by unexpected weather situations. If that occurs, I must deviate from what our trading strategies suggest. It could be hurricane warnings, an eclipse of the sun, or a very low temperature potentially causing the wind turbines to shut down because of ice on the blades.

Not a shift day

This is a day where I can dig into the things, I would like to take a closer look at and try to find ways to improve. I spend my day testing and working on our strategies, and if I have a hunch for something, I test it one more time and maybe I discuss it with a colleague before passing the information on to the analysists who are making the trading strategies.

A typical day, shift day or not involves several great discussions. We always come across a scenario worth debating or an idea for a new tool that makes it easier to decode data.

Great after-hours relations

We are a social bunch, and I enjoy to hang out with my colleagues outside of work. We have been to festivals, restaurants, Christmas events, and different sports activities. To me, it is important that we have friendly relations on top of our work relations.

My best advice to a new colleague

The job revolves around data. Hence, there is a lot of information to grasp and many monitors to look at when you are new in the team. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by it all but go to the job with an open mind and gumption. I did not have any knowledge about power trading when I first started working at Yggdrasil. It takes time to get your head around it all and get some basic information about how the power markets work but you will get there.