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Meet Lasse

- It is part of our culture to do what is most important and necessary for our common goal. ‘Above all, we execute’ is a value we live every day.

Lasse Faarbaek, Lead Architect

Lasse Faarbæk, Lead Architect

In our IT team, we develop and program the applications to support the algorithms which are the core of our business.

As Lead Architect, my primary job is to keep an overview of our application stack and make sure  our applications are aligned and the setup is logical and practical.

Data is the foundation of our trading algorithms. We use huge amounts of data to develop our algorithms and data needs to be instantly available when executing the algorithms. An important part of my job is to ensure that the software architecture can handle these requirements, and make sure that the setup works 24/7.

I am involved with the daily process of developing software and adding new features. I keep my finger on the pulse as to where we are heading, and we discuss it continuously in the team. Off course, we have a strategic goal, but we do not make detailed plans for weeks ahead.

The need for data changes constantly, and we must be able to adapt quickly to new scenarios. I work closely together with the business to make sure we develop the rights things at the right time. Decisions are made on ‘the floor’ without wasting a lot of time in project meetings; ‘Above all, we execute’ is a value we live every day.

Our IT team is small and thus, we share all the tasks between us. This means, I get to be both the lead architect, and I get to code our applications. It is a great combination.

A typical day in the office

My typical day is difficult to describe because each new day is different from the day before. Overall, I am the advisor and mentor when it comes to how we approach a new software, and I assess and decide how we approach software development.

I am involved with many things during a day. When a colleague has a new idea, he or she puts the idea forward to me. Initially, I validate and qualify the idea compared to where we are heading. If the idea is qualified to pursue, I plan what to do next, how to approach it, and the time horizon.

An example could be an idea to try to flow power from Switzerland to Italy. I help examining the time frame, how to approach, and which integrations we need to execute the trade.

The best part of my job

Developing software has always been awesome to me. I enjoy that working with IT is what I do for a living.

Things move really fast in the energy markets, and we need to be able to adapt instantly. Hence, we have a really short way from idea to action. I get a kick out of seeing that my work is deployed and being used for its purpose more or less instantly. That is really what I enjoy the most about my job: We get an idea, and we often test it the same day.

In our team, it is easy to shine in your job because you work with very dedicated, engaged, and proficient co-workers. We work closely together, and sitting physically close to each other enhances the work process. I enjoy our ping pong across the desks. Who does what is very clearly defined as well as who is responsible for the projects. This means, things flow easily, and I enjoy the way our team is organised and how we work.

‘Only us’

Because of the size of the company, you work closely with all your colleagues in the company. Not just your team members. Thus, we are all close to the business and know what is going on. Our size is one of the main reasons why I enjoy working at Yggdrasil so much. There is no us and them. There is only us.

In general, we have a great work/lift balance in Denmark. I would say, that we enjoy an extremely flexible workplace at Yggdrasil. There is room for everyone’s wishes and preferences, and your family is expected to be your main priority.

Socially, we are a great team. We play paddle, and we go to different social activities. It is cool that we hang out after work. It means a lot to me to get to know my colleagues better because you spend so much time with each other working together.

My best advice to a new colleague in IT

You just need to remember one thing: Be pragmatic. Always! Try not to be too idealistic because it seldom works.

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