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Yggdrasil expands to Swiss power market

Power trading company, Yggdrasil, is expanding its activities to Switzerland. The central geography of the Swiss electricity market makes it an ideal addition to Yggdrasil’s current activities in Europe.

Switzerland is ideally placed as in the middle of Europe. It can be influenced by all kind of influences from its neighboring markets: German wind, French heat, Italian weather, and Austrian market conditions.

Expanding into the Swiss market expands the company’s trading focus from looking at the situation in a single market alone, towards looking at the difference between different markets.

Swiss entry will amplify an increased focus on “cross-border” trading, where power will not only be bought and sold within the same country but will more often be bought in one country and sold in another.

Yggdrasil’s business model is purely data-based. Algorithms analyse vast amounts of historical data about the electricity prices and the weather; future electricity prices are predicted by combining the data with the weather forecast.

Facts about Yggdrasil

  • Founded by Søren Agersbæk Jensen and Søren Bondo Andersen in 2018.
  • External investor share of 15%.
  • Total EBT of 34.7 million DKK (2020-2021).
  • The recent financial report for 2020-2021 shows net earnings after tax of 26 million DKK.
  • Power trading in 25 markets on 3 continents.
  • The company has 15 fulltime employees.